What's Included

Key Features

Every single one of our website products come with a very complete set of features. Everything you need to run a website successfully.

Core Software

CMS Framework

We use WordPress for all our websites. WordPress is a powerful Content Management System which powers about 30% of all the internet.

Page Builder

Our websites use Elementor Pro and other addition plugins. This plugin allows to modify the entire site with a very simple drag-and-drop interface.

Custom Themes

We currently count with over 100 custom built themes ready to be loaded with one click. Our themes are 100% customizable, your imagination is literally the limit.

cPanel Access

Behind WordPress we run cPanel. This powerful tool allows you to modify files, manage emails, handle the site security, and many other things.


SEO Ready

Using Yoast Premium SEO and other plugins, we configure the site the right way so that Search Engines will show your page to more people.

Speed Optimized

Among other things, we build each site with speed in mind. Compressing files/images, and using the proper tools, your site will be as fast as it can ever be.

Site Metrics

Using the powerful tool of Google Analytics, we provide easy to understand metrics about your website, this will help you get to know your audience better.

Daily Backups

Unexpected things can happen, that is why we make daily backups of all our sites, and store them on redundant offline secure servers.

Many More

With over 47,000 WP plugins, the possibilities to customize your website are endless. It can't get any better than that.


Custom Domain

All our packages include a domain of your choosing, unlimited subdomains, domain privacy, and DNS services.


Our packages include HTTPS certificate. This makes all of the communications between client and server encrypted.


Currently running on scalable VPS servers with plenty of Memory, Storage, and bandwidth to never worry about resources.


A Content Delivery Network makes the sites load faster regardless of where you are located in the world, and protects from DoS attacks.


If your site requires extra resources than usual, we will adjust accordingly to place you on a more scalable server to fit your needs.

SSD Storage

Our servers count with only Solid State Drives, this ensures your data is read faster than regular drives. This will help your site load even faster than usual.


WAF Enabled

With a real time Web Application Firewall, we block hackers before they even start attacking your website.


We monitor suspicious activity on our sites, whether it is a real hacker or just a false positive, we will know about it.

Regular Scanning

We run daily automated scanning, and bi-weekly manual scans to ensure no sites have been compromised in any way.

Site Lockdown

WordPress sites come with minor vulnerabilities by default, we lock down our sites to make sure you are protected.

Instant Alerts

Our security team gets alerted every time someone is trying to hack a site. You can rest assure we are on top of any threats.

Penetration Testing

Our security team is composed of security professionals trained to think as hackers, this way we can be ahead of them.


Email Support

With an account representative, you will have direct contact with a person you know every step of the way.

1-on-1 Training

Designing a site can be challenging. Therefore, we provide 1-on-1 training for as long as you need to.

Site Resources

If email support and training is not enough, you will also have a guide and tons of video tutorial on how to use our tools.



Unlimited emails based on your domain. Example, [email protected]


Unlimited pages for your website, so that you can make it exactly the way you want it.


Unlimited posts for your website, so that you can add all the content your client want.


Our server has a limit, but your site does not, we will scale our server whenever is needed to fit your needs.


Same as bandwidth, our storage may have a physical limit, but we will scale our servers so you will never have to worry about it.


With 200sites you truly have unlimited opportunities. Email us if you think otherwise, we would love to talk about it.