Site 100

From: $30.00 / month and a $15.00 sign-up fee

Perfect for those who have the time and ability to do the website themselves. We provide all the necessary for you to design a website with easy drag and drop tools.


Site 100 – Do It Yourself. Is our most basic product and it is only recommended for people who have the time to design their own website.

The price includes everything needed to run a website successfully. We will manage your custom domain name, hosting, SSL/TLS certificate, back-ups, security checks, etc. For a complete list of everything that is included check out our features page here:

Site 100 does NOT include a custom design made by us. The design will have to be made entirely by you. We do however, provide an extensive range of pre-made templates that are ready to use with just a few clicks. Out templates database currently accounts for over 300 fully functional templates and 100% customizable.

If you struggle creating your own design, do not worry, you can always upgrade to any of our other products in where we can create a design for you or even manage your entire site.